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Commercial Fleet Insurance for Brokers

Commercial Fleet Insurance

Insure 5-200 vehicles under one insurance policy with Towergate Underwriting Transportation

Commercial Fleet Insurance

Towergate Commercial Fleet (TCF) is designed for people running between 5 and 200 vehicles. Underwriting capacity is provided by Equity Red Star (motor) and RSA (non-motor). The TCF policy allows the insured to insure vehicles, property, liability, goods in transit etc., all in one document with one renewal date.

TCF is a product that will be of interest to those clients that want to improve their business by reducing accidents. Depending upon the insured's claims record the underwriter may include various risk management tools including Driver CPC, driver training, forward-facing accident cameras, GreenRoad's Telematics units and TROCS. These tools will either be fully or partly funded within the quotation.


  • The insured can choose Comprehensive, Third Party, fire and theft or Third Party only cover. Laid up fire and theft is available provided the vehicle is the subject of a SORN (statutory off-road notification)
  • Limits of liability are: Unlimited bodily injury; £20,000,000 property damage for private type cars and £5,000,000 for damage caused by all other vehicles
  • Cover includes trailers owned or leased by the insured for a period of no less than 3 months, whether attached or detached. Trailers loaned to the insured or leased for less than 3 months are covered when attached or accidentally detached only
  • Cover is provided for radio, cassette, compact disc, communication and navigation equipment permanently installed in the vehicle
  • Personal possessions of up to £250.00 are covered providing the insured doesn't also have personal possessions cover under the goods in transit section
  • Personal Accident cover is provided for occupants of the vehicle for up to £5,000 per person, £10,000 during the period of insurance
  • The policy also covers driver physiotherapy following an accident for up to £400
  • Cover includes Medical Expenses for occupants of the vehicle for up to £350 per person


  • Liability assumed under contract unless such liability would attach in the absence of such contract
  • Theft where the keys have been left in or on an unattended vehicle
  • Pollution and contamination, unless due to a sudden identifiable, unintended or unexpected event
  • Use of the vehicle for any purpose not permitted by the Certificate of Insurance
  • Loss, damage or liability happening beyond the limits of the carriageway caused by loading or unloading by any person other than the driver or vehicle attendant

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