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Group PA and Sickness Insurance for Brokers

Group Personal Accident
and Sickness Insurance

Employer-financed product designed for corporate clients to protect the business against financial loss

Group Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance

An employer-financed product designed for corporate clients which protects the business against financial loss.


  • Key-man cover
  • Addition to employee benefits portfolio
  • Safeguards the most valuable assets of the company 'it's employees'
  • Compensation regardless of legal liability
  • Accidental bodily injury does not pre-suppose an accident
  • Cover for bodily injury following an accident that is
    - unintentional, or
    - unexpected



  • Operative times
  • Payment and deferment periods
  • Range of occupations
  • Scale of cover 'Standard' or 'Continental'
  • Benefit levels per category of Insured Persons
  • Sum insured 'multiple of salary or fixed'


  • Sickness insurance
  • Travel insurance

Key Features

  • Special extensions as standard
  • Minimal policy exclusions
  • Loss of speech/hearing as standard
  • Weekly benefit in addition to capital benefits
  • PTD 'usual in the business'
  • Age limit up to 80 years (65 sickness)
  • Flexible declaration basis
  • No 'Disturbed Area' warranty or exclusion

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