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Claims Procedure

To report a claim, please contact our claims team:

Phone: 01242 545 500


Towergate Underwriting Marine (Claims Department)
Ellenborough House
3rd Floor Ellenborough House
Wellington Street
GL50 1XZ

Claims Information

  • If the repairs do not need to be done straight away, two estimates for the repairs should be obtained and sent to the claims address above along with the claim form. The completed claim form should be sent to us even if estimates are awaited
  • Emergency repairs may be undertaken if it prevents further damage to the insured’s business, or if it means the business can carry on trading
  • If the engine has been under water it must be flushed out thoroughly with clean fresh water
  • Report to the police straightaway if property has been stolen or damaged by vandals, or a valuable item has been lost
  • If someone makes a claim against the insured, full details should be sent to us straightaway, without answering them